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Selamat datang di rumah baru saya yang didedikasikan untuk menceritakan dunia sains komunikasi khususnya tentang atronomi, aka dunia astronomi komunikasi. Semua yang akan disampaikan disini merupakan pendapat pribadi dan bukan representasi dari organisasi manapun yang berafiliasi dengan saya. Selain tulisan-tulisan baru, tulisan lama terkait EPO aka Education & Public Outreach atau yang kalau dibahasa Indonesia-kan menjadi Edukasi dan Penjangkauan Publik di simplyvie.com juga akan ikut hijrah ke rumah barunya. 🙂

Selamat menikmati..

astronomer. astronomy communicator by day. co-founder of langitselatan. new media practitioners. story teller and podcaster in the making. social media observer. web developer and web administrator by accident.

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  • Maybe some people think why not stay at home so we can overcome this pandemic as soon as possible. Why not prioritizing health... but for some others this is just another day to face. Maybe they risk theirselves or maybe they will drag others as well, but they must make a living. This is what I encounter every morning during the 75K challenge for 75 years of Indonesia Independence Day. Different people with various activities. But in the end they only have one goal: try to provide for their family.
  • life during pandemic... nothing different at the traditional market
  • Another silent morning. Just the right time before the city bustling starting even though we are all in a tough time of this pandemic. But it can’t stop people from working and do what they need to do.... to make a living. Have a great day all. I’ll be here to catch my breath before I continue to reach 75 km of the final goal..... #sistelnaslintang
  • Cipaganti di pagi hari.
  • hello there
  • Silent morning
  • once upon a time
  • image taken and processed by @vandasco
  • image credit: @vandasco
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